About The La Jolla Cove Bridge Club


Our Location – San Diego’s World-Celebrated La Jolla Cove

La Jolla CoveLa Jolla Cove Bridge Club is located on beautiful Point La Jolla in the village of La Jolla, California. We sit adjacent to Ellen Browning Scripps Park and atop the La Jolla Cove which is San Diego’s most alluring spot for swimming, diving and snorkeling. The panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean here are breathtaking, the sheer variety of abundant marine life is extraordinary and our sunsets are a true wonder to behold. This area has lured visitors from around the world throughout La Jolla History.

The Cove, surrounded by cliffs is protected as part of The La Jolla Underwater Park and Ecological Reserve, consisting of several habitats which include rocky reefs, sandy flats, kelp forest and two underwater canyons. The reserve spans 6,000 acres and is sanctuary to diverse species of marine flora and faun including seals, sea lions, dolphins the spotted leopard sharks and even migrating whales.

A Piece of La Jolla History Since 1932

Early 1930s image of Point La Jolla. (La Jolla History)Originally formed as the La Jolla Shuffleboard Club, later, the Adult Recreation Center Club (A.R.C.) then renamed the La Jolla Shuffleboard Club, still later the La Jolla Bridge & Shuffleboard Club and presently the La Jolla Cove Bridge Club.

We first came into existence as a means to provide out-of-town visitors, as well as La Jolla inhabitants with recreational enjoyment. Many of the visitors we welcomed, were inspired by our town’s beauty, flavor and charm, felt compelled to purchase homes and thus helped grow our community.

In spite of our changing names, we have remained a consistent place to go for fun and recreation in La Jolla. That tradition continues to this very day as we play host to bridge games and a multitude of weddings, events, classes and other entertaining and useful gatherings.

Club Timeline:

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1932 - Shuffleboard Club Organized

1939 - Clubhouse & Shuffleboard Courts Built

1945 - WWII & Bridge Now Rivals Shuffleboard

Clubhouse Modifications Over The Years

1990's - No More Shuffleboard

2004 - Murals Add Artistic Beauty

2009 - Designated A Historical Landmark

Duplicate Bridge And The Club Today

View of La Jolla Cove Bridge Club's historical building from our lawn area

For numerous years, card games were an alternate to shuffleboard, played after a session of the outdoor game or on cold or stormy days. Rubber bridge was the usual game. Early interest in duplicate bridge was expressed by Ann Behrens.

It was in 1964, however, that Club President Allan Perkins, having observed the popularity of duplicate bridge while on a trip East, appointed Margaret Macurda to start duplicate bridge as an activity at the La Jolla Shuffleboard Club. Coming at a time when membership and finances were at a low ebb, it was an almost instant success and continues to be a popular diversion.

For a small fee, members and non-members may play under the guidance of a professional director. Players may select their own partners or may obtain one by telephoning a member of the Committee.

We play bridge several days a week. Players like to arrive early, select their tables and enjoy a social hour with friends they’ve made in the Club. Committee members act as hosts, welcoming newcomers, providing coffee and cake or cookies (often homemade), and creating the warm, friendly atmosphere that has gained a reputation throughout the San Diego area. They also notify the winners of first, second and third positions, both north and south and east and west by telephone soon after the game finished

Although game days and times may change, this tradition of duplicate bridge continues to this day. Visit our Games Page for current information of games schedule, fees, etc.